Paul Botwid is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sweden. He works in a variety of different mediums ranging from music and video work to product design and interactive web platforms.

With a background in music and songwriting, graphic design and digital arts, his work combines stripped down visuals with a strong sense of rhythm.

Inside the Museum of Modern Art in Malmö, Sweden

Starting in 2013, he has helped build the identity of Swedish skateboarding brand Poetic Collective, producing video material and original music as well as skateboard and clothing designs.


2008 – 2011
Musical studies, Lund

Film production, Malmö

2012 – 2013
Songwriting and music production, Bollnäs Folkhögskola

2014 – 2015
Graphic Design, Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm

2015 – 2017
Digital Arts, Hyper Island, Stockholm