First Skate Shop

Logo design for German based web shop platform First Skate Shop.

The aim was for the logo to be:

  • Simple yet recognisable
  • Easily usable online, in print, on products, stickers etc. 
  • Hinting at the European connection

Drafts and variations

To give the client some options, I made sketches in two different directions as well as many different takes on each. Before moving forward, I invited them to participate in my thought process behind each idea.

#1 – Old storefront

The first direction was inspired by old style storefront signage.

Using a bold sans serif font, I wanted to mimic the feeling of vintage hand painting signs that used to be the main technique used for smaller shops in the beginning of the 20th century.

#2 – Bauhaus style

This direction was inspired by the classic Bauhaus school of design. It uses simple geometric shapes as building blocks for the wordmark, which gives the logo a hint at a European design legacy. It is then combined with a more classic “skate style” font that keeps grounded in street culture.