What Should I Call My…

Even though design tools nowadays are more powerful and easier to use than ever before, at the very start of a project, they can overcomplicate things. When trying out styles for a new wordmark for example, what I actually want is to quickly get through the first fifty drafts that are not going to work, in order to find the right direction faster.

What Should I Call My… is a typography tool that aims to be simple enough to not get in your way, while still flexible enough to get you past your first fifty ideas.

Wordmark draft made in What Should I Call My…

At the surface, the interface is very simple – you have got your fonts on the right, the different words you have tried on your left and your color and text settings at the bottom. Beyond the obvious however, the tool lets you keep customizing in a number of ways.

To hide everything except your baby, move the cursor outside the browser window

Background image
To add a background image, drag and drop a JPG or PNG from your computer into the browser window, or paste a direct url-link to an image into the text field. Move the cursor outside the browser window to preview.

When hovering over your current name, you will find three suggested synonyms to help spur the imagination.

Custom font
To add a font that you have on your computer, type font: and the name of the font in the text field at the top and press enter.

All options and keyboard shortcuts can be found by clicking the ? in the top right corner.