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I’m Paul.

I create things to feel something.
I think feeling is what triggers us, motivates us, and ultimately what changes us, for better or worse. I make videos, websites, music and anything else that excites me.

Feel free to poke around, or write me an email.


Norrsken x Nordea

filming / editing / music

Promotional video for Norrsken House Stockholm announcing partnership with Nordea.

Good Ideas

filming / editing

Short promotional video for Norrsken Foundation.


filming / editing / music

Capturing skateboarding as a form of expression inside of an empty museum. A collaboration between the museum of modern art in Malmö, Sweden and skate brand Poetic Collective.


filming / editing / music

Promotional skate video for brand Poetic Collective. Exploring the connections between architecture, skateboarding and the co-creation of the city.


filming / editing / music

Documenting a workshop at artist run centre Oboro in Montreal.

WelcomeApp crayfish party

filming / editing / music

Documenting a crayfish party organised by WelcomeApp.


filming / editing / music

Created together with Poetic Collective.
Attempting to visualise the lines drawn by skateboarders in their movements, as paint strokes on a canvas.


Time Together

web development

Application page for Time Together, a contemporary art project about tattooing by Argentinian artist Julim Rosa.

Norrsken House

web development / design / copy

Landing page for the Norrsken House impact co-working space in Stockholm.

Folding Poetry

web development / design

A platform for collaborating on poetry, completely randomly together with complete strangers.

Bande à part

web development / design

Website for indepedent film sound studio in Montreal.

Click here to save the world

programming / design / copy

An anti-social take on a donation campaign.
Created together with Caroline Dagsköld (


For the past years, I've run a company together with my brother called Poetic Collective.

It's a skateboard and clothing brand focused on mixing the skateboarding world with the art world, to see what comes out on the other side. Together we develop concepts, design products, make videos and build the visual identity.

Poetic Collective Context collection

product design / graphic design

Catalog for the Poetic Collective autumn/winter 2017 collection.

Poetic Collective Minimalism Collection

product design / graphic design

Catalog for the Poetic Collective Minimalism collection spring/summer 2017.

Poetic Collective FW 16

product design / graphic design

Product and catalog design for Poetic Collective autumn/winter collection.


Video soundtracks

instrumentals / sound production

These are some of the soundtracks I've created for various video projects through the years.